26 AS reco

Wherever there is a mismatch of the income as appearing in Form 26AS and the numbers as per books of accounts, it becomes very critical for the tax payers to reconcile all such differences, before filing the return of income

Bulk mailing

In the day-to-day activities, companies are required to send bulk mail to their stake holders for this they can use our bulk mailing software.

Litigation management software

Our one-stop solution for handling all legal notices and matters in a simplified manner. It provides one platform where companies can save all their documents in one place and navigate the required document/notice as per the relevant law.

TDS Liability report as per 34B

Our focus is to provide a complete solution for checking whether TDS has been deducted properly on required expenses as per clause 34 of the Tax Audit Report.

GST Dashboards

We have prepared a dashboard to understand GST number with ease for its users and save their precious time.
GST Dashboards wherein the Tax head can analyze the overall indirect tax effects of more than 100+ returns in one place.