MIS Reporting Software

No more wasting time preparing and analysing reports on spreadsheets.

Tracking & Visibility of KPI’s

Identifying Gaps

Across Sales, Purchase, Payment & Inventory

Actionable Insights for every Team Member

Macro and Micro View of Your Organisation
Snap View



Complete Visibility and Drill Down for Products, Customers, Territories and Sales Person.  

Stock Movement Analysis
Item View



Fast moving and Slow moving stock with sales and carrying cost details across Category, Warehouse, Branches etc.


Bird’s Eye View of Sales Performance
Map View

Interactive Maps covering all states of your customers and products with the trend of Active, Inactive, and Lost Customers.

Other Insightful Views

But Not View

Filter list of customers who have purchased X item but not Y item. For Eg. Nuts but not Bolts, Printer but not Cartidges.

Payment View

Helping you keep track of all outstanding details with auto-reminder and scheduler. Product-wise outstanding along with payment due today can be seen at a click.

GP View

You can drill down to see details of all levels of profitability